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Company Experience

Window ViewAt the F.A. Johnson Consulting Group, Inc., we are proud of our track record, accomplishments, and the relationships we have established. We have a proven track record of providing practical, feasible, and implementable recommendations to community-based problems and challenges. In order to be truly successful, the analysis must not just “sit on the shelf.” An assessment and action plan should be developed, which is based on market socio-economic demographics, be economically feasible, and be able to be implemented through a specific action plan.

We are experienced at implementing community-wide development action planning processes; assisting neighborhood stakeholders in identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges that confront them; and designing and implementing the most effective strategies to promote healthy and viable neighborhoods.

We have been involved in an array of planning initiatives, working with key stakeholders including community residents; elected officials; community-based organizations; the public sector (local, state and federal); foundations; and private developers and business owners. These development processes lead to implementable plans with recommendations for financing and/or funding strategies, as well as partnerships to achieve a community's desired goals.

Neighborhood Redevelopment: Assisting community stakeholders in developing creative and feasible redevelopment strategies (housing, institutional, or commercial) for specific neighborhood(s).

Master Action Plan Implementation: Working with communities to ensure that planning processes and master plans reflect the goals and desires of all stakeholders in the community, including the residents.

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance: Utilizing our Non-Profit Developer’s Training Manual, we provide training, guidance, and assistance to enable communities and their partners to successfully plan and implement viable development initiatives.


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