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Company Overview

Our Core Values

We enter our 36th year with pride in our accomplishments and a clear sense of direction about our future. We have kept our promises: to help people be successful by providing outstanding value and building enduring relationships.

Office BuildingOur goal is to maximize real estate opportunities through Public/Private Partnerships. Focus is our key to delivering the highest quality advisory services to the development industry. We operate our business and define our approach based on the core values of Quality, Service, and Integrity.

Quality is not accidental; it develops as the result of a positive attitude. It takes a creative imagination to produce workable solutions for complex challenges, to meet demanding schedules, and to keep clients coming back for more. Project quality is absolutely essential, especially in an environment of tightening financial resources. Company growth has never come at the expense of quality.

Our second core value is Service. Service is not a goal. It is the primary “deliverable.” By offering public entities a non-profit corporation, we expand their options for innovative community development projects. Our current projects reflect not only the success of these Public/Private Partnerships, but also the desire of cities and counties to use our services.

Integrity is the cornerstone. Without it, there is no trust. A high level of trust has lead to a high percentage of long-term, invaluable relationships. Trust has resulted in add-on and repeat projects from valued clients.

We believe that performance and execution will lead to opportunities down the road. However, we also believe that big is not always best for the client. If we are going to stand out it will be because of performance, not size. Our business model is about skill, not scale.

As we celebrate our 36th year, I am certain of two things: There will continue to be challenges, and we will continue to meet those challenges with the same determination to succeed and the dedication to Quality, Service, and Integrity which has made us successful. While much has changed in 35 years, the core values and the ways in which we conduct ourselves have not wavered.

Michelle Lee Eanes-Johnson
Administrator and Public Information Officer


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"Mr. Johnson delivered a very successful project as requested under the most difficult of circumstances, and in the process he organized a neighborhood development corporation that has since initiated many other projects."



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