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Market/Feasibility Studies

East Central City Consortium, Inc.
On behalf of the City of Columbia, the F.A. Johnson Consulting Group, Inc. directed a comprehensive market study/urban design plan for a 1,000 acre area comprised of neighborhoods East of the Central Business District in Columbia. A fundamental component of this work program involved the compilation of relevant demographic data including income and housing information for low to moderate income neighborhoods in the core of the City. The analysis included analyzing the age and condition of housing, current trends, condition of existing infrastructure, and related economic conditions. FAJC’s services incorporated a comprehensive approach to neighborhood redevelopment by addressing issues of land use, zoning, housing, economic development, public improvements, historic preservation, and open space. Furthermore, neighborhood plans focus on realistic implementation strategies including costs, funding, partnerships and development priorities. All neighborhood-planning initiatives sought formalized participation from affected community and government stakeholders.


Sandhills Redevelopment Master Plan
Augusta, Georgia
The F.A. Johnson Consulting Group, Inc., provided the Demographic and Real Estate Market Analysis, to support detailed site evaluation of all residential public and commercial property within the Sand Hills Community. The Team then developed a questionnaire to be handed out to the residents participating in the workshop. The goal was to gather opinions on the types of new development, the character of new architecture, and the development goals of the community in an achievable and feasible action plan.

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South Carolina State Housing And Finance Authority

FAJC was selected to provide an independent review of approximately twenty feasibility/market studies submitted by applicants seeking low income housing tax credits for multi-family projects. The scope of work consisted of reviewing, ranking, and evaluating the market feasibility studies prepared by market consultants.



TN Development Corporation (City of Columbia)
FAJC was retained to conduct a Socio-Demographic and Real Estate Market Analysis for the Two Notch Road corridor. The purpose of this study was to analyze commercial development opportunities based upon demographic information, current land use, and historical patterns. Plans are currently underway for implementation.



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"Mr. Johnson delivered a very successful project as requested under the most difficult of circumstances, and in the process he organized a neighborhood development corporation that has since initiated many other projects."



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