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Development Planning

At FAJC, we believe that the more people that take part in the planning process, the more they will feel that the final plan is their plan. Further, we believe that in putting together a plan, there is plenty of work for each and every one who wants to be involved.

Town of Allendale, SC
The F.A. Johnson Consulting Group, Inc. assisted the Town of Allendale, South Carolina in creating a redevelopment master plan for approximately 10 acres of commercial real estate in downtown Allendale. The intent of the redevelopment master plan is to begin the process of revitalizing the Allendale central business district. The design reflects community input and centers around a new government complex and retail space to be located at Allendale’s crossroads, Highways 278 and 301. Essential to the redevelopment plan is the relocation of two existing businesses and the addition of approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of office and retail space as well as an upscale family restaurant with ample parking.

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East Central City Consortium
Similarly, a comprehensive approach was utilized with the East Central City Consortium. Over three hundred (300) residents participated in the Neighborhood Design Workshops. The FAJC Team gave priority to giving full and meaningful involvement of the citizens In the East Central City Consortium Project Area(s). The team focused on identifying and resolving existing resident issues, provided residents with access to the planning and design process, and insured that citizens were in a position to endorse the development plan. The team worked with existing community leadership and other non-profit development corporations to organize the participation

Workshop 1 included a review of the project and the operational guidelines outlined. It was important that there was no public perception that the project was being developed in “secret.” Workshops 2 and 3 were held to review preliminary findings plans with the community and to get opinions on where improvements can be made. The results of this workshop were recorded and used to finalize design plans. Workshop 4 was held after the completion of the Master Site Plan. This included a review of the finalized plan with specific information on how concerns have been addressed in the plan. The East Central Plan was Unanimously approved by City Council.


Roanoke Neighborhood Development Corporation
Roanoke, Virginia
A Revitalization Project For The Urban Center:
RoanokeA Master Plan is useful only if the government and citizens put it into action. How well the plan comes to life depends on the quality of the plan, the accuracy of its assumptions, citizen participation, and how City officials administer local land use ordinances and capital spending programs. In short, planning is only as good as the commitment and abilities of the people responsible for carrying out the plan.

FAJC was selected to organize the Roanoke Neighborhood Development Corporation a 501(c)(3) Public/Private Partnership. The catalyst project consisted of a 45,000 square foot office/retail development named the Crew Suites. First Union contributed $17,000 for Board Training and made available a $140,000 line of credit for initial architectural and engineering services.

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"Mr. Johnson’s firm has always provided expert professional advice and development services which have resulted in the ability of the above entities to meet their goals within all expectations."



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